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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Cry Freedom

I see that Nick Clegg, Deputy PM, is inviting the public to nominate unnecessary laws that they would like to see repealed.

Nanny has introduced the "Your Freedom" website, which allows people to propose ways to get rid of pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy and reduce state intrusion into everyday life.

This is an initiative that is worth applauding.

However, be aware of the following:

1 It will only work if ministers are sincere in their stated desire to follow what people propose. Clearly proposals to abolish certain laws will receive much opposition from various vested interests (civil servants, certain ministers, single issue groups, knobheads etc). Ministers will need to overcome that opposition.

2 Allowing the "people to voice an opinion" must not be allowed in itself to become a distraction, or a side show to the underlying mission of repealing Nanny's laws.

3 The proposals need to identify the specific law, and reason for its repeal. Simply using the site to "mouth off" will not do anyone any favours (aside from those who want to obstruct the repeal process).

4 Sadly the British public have become so "Nannyfied" that there are proposals on the site (allegedly made by members of the public) for even more laws (eg hang drug dealers, more rules on placement of signs, national service etc). How worrying is that? Coming across as unhinged will merely play into the hands of those who want to obstruct the repeal process.

Please use the site sensibly, coherently and rationally; only then will there be a chance that Nanny's laws will be repealed.

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  1. Ken, I hope that you will not be offended, but……

    In one paragraph you state the British public have become so "Nannyfied"…, and then you go on to offer us the advice, Please use the site sensibly, coherently and rationally

    Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?

    Or perhaps you fink that we is all bleedin stupid or sumfin.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:29 PM

    Perhaps I am being cynical, but personally, I think this is nothing more than a smokescreen,
    for the purpose of diverting the public's attention from the effects of the proposed 40 percent cuts in public spending, and the budget tax increases. Of course,, if I am wrong, then I think it is an excellent idea, but I do agree with with Ken's wise note of warning. I have to ask, however, what will they do if the public asks for some of their 'pet' laws to be repealed?

  3. Tonk.3:35 PM

    As I have recently stated on my own MP's website recently; politicians are only happy for the publics opinion when they agree with the politicians own views.

    For example, I wonder what the majority of the public would say if asked about items such as;-

    a) The EUSSR
    b) The new religion of climate change.
    c) The death penalty.
    d) Ring fencing overseas aid.
    e) Rights for "special groups."
    f) The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    h) The pink agenda.
    i) Islamification of the UK.
    j) The Nanny state.
    k) Smoking and drinking.
    l) Child protection.
    m) 'elf'n'safety.
    0) The Olympics.
    p) The fine culture.
    q) The criminal justice system.

    There must be thousands more that people often have a view on that is contary to official government policy.

  4. earthworm7:12 PM

    "(allegedly made by members of the public)"

    I think the bit in parentheses is the crux of the matter. Pardon my cynicism, but who is to stop Nanny's minions (civil servants, local authority control-freakoids, etc) from trying to protect their vested interests by making the lunatic suggestions themselves? There is no way to tell whether suggestions are only from "genuine" members of the public, i.e. who don't work for Nanny.