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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 02, 2010

Length Matters

It never ceases to amaze me how absurdly fussy and petty Nanny can become when the mood takes her.

Wardens in Greater Manchester have recently been ordered to target any dog owners using leads longer than 6ft 8in. In the event the length (can I say "length"?) exceeds that measure (and why is it 6ft 8in? Why not 6ft or 7ft?), the hapless owner will be fined £1K.

Ker Farking Ching!

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  1. Ken,

    I suspect as Nanny gets more and more desperate to fill her coffers, so this type of "new taxation" will become more rife.

    I have recently read in my local newspaper of someone being fined £100 for assaulting another whilst drunk, the victim was bruised and badly shaken but, following Nanny's logic, beating someone up drunk is only one tenth as bad as using a dog lead of eight feet in length.

    It's a crazy world, made crazier by Nanny.

  2. I wonder how many dog wardens get eaten while tring to get a tape measure to a dog lead?

  3. microdave1:01 PM

    Assuming it's meant to be 2 metres, it would be closer to use 6' 7".

    BUT since nanny doesn't want us to use good old imperial measurements, why did she choose feet/inches in the first place?

    And if she wants to be stupid, does this measurement include the loop for putting ones hand in? Or the dogs collar as well?

    If Nanny is going to be petty, so should we....

  4. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Does the description 6 foot 8 inches have any legal meaning nowadays?
    It's as meaningful as having a drink drive limit of two cubic inches per demijohn of blood.

  5. Once again, it is not the laws or rules that are the issue; but rather the interpretation of them.

    I agree that this particular regulation is daft. I also question the Council’s motives and authority to introduce such laws. After all, how many ‘long lead’ related incidents have there been in Greater Manchester?

    But what is even more stupid is the willingness to be guided by silly rules and, of course, to enforce them.

    Try to think of any civilized, developed country on earth where anyone would give a fuck about the length of a dog lead. Where any responsible police force would respond to a ‘long lead’ dispute between a warden and dog owner. Where any Magistrates Court would do anything other than dismiss such incidents as being trivial and a waste of the court’s time.

    But in the UK all rules, regulations and laws are embraced as if some fucker descended from a mountain with them all carved into stone tablets.

    Wardens will be stopping dog owners and measuring their leads, the police will respond to any incident where there is a dispute, Magistrates will uphold fines. People will be grassing up their neighbours on ‘hot lines’ and, no doubt, the ever concerned general public with be there with their mobile phones to catch any culprits that the wardens may have missed.

    The old song says ‘Britons never, never, never shall be slaves’.


  6. Number62:00 PM

    Er, I took a leak in an alleyway near my home last night (after one too many it must be said)but well away from public sight naturally. I was collared by 3 yes 3 coppers who told me it would be an on the spot fine of £80 should they wish to do so. Natch,I swallowed my pride did not tell them they shoud be out catcthing real crims etc zipped up and went home. This in nanny in action 3 coppers lookign for people taking a piss in a back alley to collect dosh, yet when I have called them for yobs in my own front garden "no officer is available" I used respect the old bill now, well, I would not piss on one if he was on fire.

  7. earthworm11:32 PM

    A tendency to bullying and cowardice is one way of looking at it, Number6. Maybe they get a buzz out of three of them ganging up on one inebriate piddling in an alley ... not much of a threat to them there (meaning no disrespect). Being called out to deal with a bunch of yobs is a far more unpleasant task, involving actual effort and a distinct risk of personal injury. Tossers.

  8. Number 66:39 AM

    Earthworm, indeed no threat as I am a quote unquote "law abiding citizen" with not so much as a parking ticket to my name. Yes, two bull lesbians plus one tosspot who must would have loved to be in the Sweeney (mind you if that involved driving Mk I Granadas at high speed, boozing and pulling 'birds' then I wanted in too at the age of 14)all on my tax money. Absloute tossers and very mouthy with it. As I said, I would not piss on a copper if it was on fire nowdays.