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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Scot's Whahaay!

Congratulations to the good people of Scotland!

A report, compiled by Nielsen and published by NHS Scotland, reveals that Scottish adults drank 23.6 units of alcohol a week in 2009, the equivalent of about 12 pints.

The study looked at alcohol sales for the past five years and found that Scottish drinkers buy on average 24% more alcohol than those in the rest of Great Britain.

Well done lads, keep up the good work!

Drink all round!

Factoid: Re "Tunes of Glory" (video extract above) there is a fine drinking game that we played at university with this film. Try having a drink every time a character in the film has a drink, and see if you can get through the entire movie.

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  1. debbie12:56 PM

    The problem with government run health programs (and I am hoping against hope that we in the states can still manage to avoid that fate) is that when the gov't has a fiduciary interest in your cholesterol count, as well as all these "lifestyle choices", they feel justified in hectoring and nagging about all manner of things. And to waste addtional tax payer money by doing stupid "reports" about who's buying the most booze (a legal activity , as long as you are of age and dont get behind a wheel) all the while shaking a bony finger at us all.

  2. I’ve said it before. I have never known anyone who has ever taken part in one of these alleged surveys.

    Hello, It’s nice to see you are back from doing your 3 month survey of Scottish drinkers. How did you get on? How many units of alcohol do they actually drink in a week?


    Oh Dear!, that’s quite a lot, isn’t it? Are you going to do a 3 month survey of Welsh drinkers now?

    I’m just on my way now. By the way, do you know of anywhere local where I can get new grips for my golf clubs?

  3. Number Mc64:27 PM

    Och aye the knooooo A've been drinking a few we cans of special brew since I was a wee laddie and and it's done me nay harm - hey are yew looking at me do ye want some ah jasus I've just pissed me trews again. Ahhh belong to glasgae...

  4. Tonk.5:01 PM

    I fear Debbie, unless you get rid of Saint Barrack of O'Barmy, you will follow us into the stew of the Nanny Socialist PC state.

    Well done the Scots.....Anything that gets Nanny's knickers in a twist is good as far as I'm concerned:-)